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The Kavli HUMAN Project at the World Science Festival

On Sunday, June 5th, the Kavli HUMAN Project hosted an exhibit, “Mission H.U.M.A.N.” at the World Science Festival’s “Street Science” fair. See photos from the event here!

Kavli HUMAN Project

The Kavli HUMAN Project is the first interdisciplinary big data bio-behavioral longitudinal study that will provide a data platform that will be a resource for the entire research community. The KHP will study 10,000 New York City residents for 20 years, gathering measurements across neuroscience, genetics, psychology, economics, sociology, and urban informatics to truly understand the dynamic interplay between biology, behavior, and the environment in the bio-behavioral complex. Click here to learn more.

Saving the masses: The impact of perceived efficacy on charitable giving...

AUTHORS: Professor Vicki Morwitz and Professor Eesha Sharma ABSTRACT People are more generous toward single than toward multiple beneficiaries, and encouraging greater giving to multiple targets is...

Call for Posters from the Brain Imaging Center at the Icahn...

The Brain Imaging Center (BIC) at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai will be hosting its 3rd Annual Symposium on Wednesday, October...

Congratulations to IISDM Professor, Dr. Roozbeh Kiani on becoming a 2016...

Going on over 30 years, The Pew Charitable Trusts continue to support outstanding biomedical researchers and this year awarded 22 scientists from prestigious institutions across the...

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